Top 10 Dangerous Acts That Cyber Criminals (Hackers)Do On Your Computer
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Top 10 Dangerous Acts That Cyber Criminals (Hackers)Do On Your Computer

Monetary Motivation
As with most hacks the world over, money is the driving force
behind an attack. A hacker will want to enter your system through
various means and obtain your bank or credit card details in order
to get access to your money. It’s plain and simple theft.

Personal Information
Personal information can be extremely valuable to a hacker. Those
who manage to obtain information about you, from date of birth,
address, social security number and countless other trivial details,
can then use your identity to open bank accounts, start a loan and
so on. In the end, it is your name that’s linked to the fraud.

Parasitic Infection
Sometimes a hacker will use you to get some other target.
Perhaps you work at a bank, or something similar, the hacker
will then identify you as a target that can be used to transfer a
program from your laptop to the work’s server. You unwittingly
become the carrier of malware, allowing a hacker to gain access
to your work.

Exploitation is becoming a common theme among modern
hackers. In this scenario a hacker will gain access to your personal
information and hold it to ransom. They can then demand
anything from money, to more personal acts.

Rather than targeting a user purely for financial gain, or something
else, a hacker can also want to use your home bandwidth.
Generally speaking,the hacker doesn’t need to be on the other
side of the world, they could be a neighbour who’s using your
Internet connection to download copyright material.

Access to YourWebcam
Webcam hacking has becom more popular in recent years.What
happens here is, a hacker manages to gain access to your computer
and activates the webcam in order to view what you’re doing; and
as long as the computer is up and running, they can see everything
the webcam can, and they can do so without you even knowing.

Access to YourMicrophone
To expand on the previous hack, along with a webcam hack an
attacker can also activate a computer or device’s microphone. Doing
so will allow them to listen in on anything that’s being said, so perhaps
it’s worth covering up your microphone during any future meetings.

Zombie Apocalypse
There are instances whereby you become the target of a larger
scale hack. In this case the hacker isn’t targeting you specifically,
they’re simply using your computer as a zombie, a collection of
machines connected to the Internet that runs malicious programs
against a target. Zombies are often used to conduct DDoS attacks.

Cyber Vandalism
Often you can be the target of an attack that doesn’t seem to
make any sense. The hacker doesn’t want money, they don’t
want your personal information either. It’s just a case of cyber
vandalism.Perhaps the hacker wants their name known in the
wider world, or just likes to see chaos reign.Who knows why they
do it?

Distributing Illegal Material
Finally, a hacker can use your computer as a source or a node for
the distribution of illegal material. You won’t even be aware ofthe
fact but your computer is successfully trafficking illegal material
together with others on the Internet.

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