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Who can join Hackable?

1. Create a Bounty Program

Create a new program that attracts researchers and testers willing to work for point based incentives, product giveaways or cash rewards. You can invite researchers found on our database to test your product.

2. Get bug reports

Once bugs and other vulnerabilities have been identified by testers, Hackable.IO allows you to manage threats and provide feedback. Every bug which is identified by researchers is posted onto your program page.

3. Fix the bugs

Manage all bugs and threats directly via the Hackable.IO platform. Offering relevant incentives will keep skilled researchers testing thus ensuring your product can be improved by increasing stability and managing any vulnerabilities detected.

1. Create a Researcher Account

Sign up for free in just a few minutes and setup your Researcher profile. Now you can start looking for Bounty Programs that fit your skills.

2. Find and submit bugs

Once you have identified a new bug or vulnerability you can submit it directly on the program page. 

3. Get awesome rewards

Companies will reward the bugs that you have submitted by offering point based incentives, product giveaways or cash rewards. Continue to build your portfolio in order to get invited to private bounty programs.

Why should you join Hackable?

Hackable provides a free, accessible platform that uses a bounty program to connect companies and researchers. Simply put,

a bounty program allows testers to find bugs in exchange for incentives offered by a manufacturer. Companies may choose

to reward testers using a points-based system, a product giveaway or a financial incentive for every bug found. Our job is to

offer you a platform that helps you create and manage a successful bounty program.

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